July 7, 2015

Use glass in your home decor - it adds a classic look

We want more and more glass in our decor and it's a development I personally am quite happy about. You can plant in glass, use them as vases, storage of beautiful things, or have them on the table as a single decoration - it does not matter, glass is always beautiful in a decoration, no matter which way you use it.

I myself am a big believer in using glass for plants and flowers. I think it's great to see plants from the beginning to the end. And it creates a more natural expression when soil and roots
are visible.
The new glass products from tinekhome has sandblasted stripes on the outside, and I clapped my small hands when I saw it. Adding strips on glass adds something classic to the design and makes it even more decorative.

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Especially the drinking glasses are for me in a classic design with the sandblasted pattern. And I'm convinced that it's glasses that will be flying off the shelves as soon as they hit the stores. So if you like me are a bit fascinated by them, it's probably a good idea to buy as soon as you have the chance.

Glass vases

Mix your glass vases so you have a selection of different sizes and shapes. Choose either to keep it very simple with a single flower in each vase, or make a great summer bouquet with all the flowers you find in your garden. A bouquet of flowers from the roadside, can also be incredibly beautiful. 

I am very fond of poppies - even when the flower has withered. Let it dry and you have decorative poppies for the autumn table. And not least, a lot of seeds for next season.
Remember that poppies like the cold of winter. Therefore spread the seeds in your garden before the frosty weather hits your garden.  
Photo by @nordiskeriger

When you have a high glass vase you do not always need to use flowers that are high enough for the vase. It can also create a beautiful expression if your decoration of flowers are inside the vase as illustrated below.

Photo by @nordiskeriger

You find vases and glass vases here.
Drinking glasses here.

Were you inspired to use more glass in your decor? Show us on Instagram how to use glass for vases or storage. Perhaps you have a good idea when it comes to flowers we can use at the summer table.  

See you at instagram - Yours sincerely Stine (www.nordiskeriger.dk)

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