April 8, 2016

tinekhome at the US based web shop Esthetic

We know that several in the United States has been longing for stores selling tinehkome products, and for that reason we are happy to announce that the newly opened and very cool shop www.estheticliving.com sells a wide selection of our products. We are proud to be part of a web shop there so nicely presents our products.

So If you live in the US and if you are one of the costumers how has been longing to buy our products more locally, we recommend you to stop by www.estheticliving.com and to follow them on their social media.
On our instagram we do our best to refer to stores selling tinekhome, otherwise you can find a worldly overview of tinekhome shops right here.


March 30, 2016

tinekhome lanterns - handmade in the North African region

Our lanterns are handmade by creative artisans in small villages in the North African region. Our lanterns arises from a long lasting partnership with Fetha and Khalid, two talented fellows who have inherited their family´s skills and old traditional crafts since childhood. They give us the best inspiration and opportunities for new decorative lantern designs.

Tines husband Jacob is often visiting these small workshops, and after his visits to the workshops, 
he always bring home new ideas for lightning.

Our lanterns are popular items among our customers, and we believe that the obvious craftsmanship and love for the materials are reasons for the lanterns success.

For safety reasons we recommend you to light only one candle in the lantern at a time. The lanterns made in oxidized solid brass can withstand wind and weather, and are therefore obvious to use outside. All other lanterns are for indoor use.

February 22, 2016

Stylo - Silk threaded pens

Stylo pens are produced in a small workshop owned by Youssef. At the workshop they are wrapping the pens with silk thread in many beautiful colors.

Stylo pens are a must-have together with your notebook. Gather your favorite Stylo pens in a vase at your desk, and the pens become a decorative element at your office.