February 22, 2016

Stylo - Silk threaded pens

Stylo pens are produced in a small workshop owned by Youssef. At the workshop they are wrapping the pens with silk thread in many beautiful colors.

Stylo pens are a must-have together with your notebook. Gather your favorite Stylo pens in a vase at your desk, and the pens become a decorative element at your office.

February 19, 2016

Handmade & handpainted ceramics by tinekhome

Today I will tell you about some of our ceramics, and the way they are being produced. 
Most of our ceramics are handmade and hand painted in countries where the craftsmanship has been a part of the culture for a long time. I will give you some insight in our Moroccan ceramics and our beloved Deli which is made in Portugal.

Moroccan ceramics - Charming and unique as they are

The ceramics from Morocco are handmade and have been in the collection since the beginning 
- and they are still one of the most popular items from tinekhome.

The ceramics are hand painted by Mehdi and his family in Morocco. 
Because they are handmade and hand painted, each piece have small color differences and their own characteristics - Details which makes them unique.

We love that they are not perfect but that each of them have their own personality. 
Their story gives them patina and makes them ceramics which gives a special touch to the home.

Do you have Morocco ceramics from tinekhome in your home? We love to see how you decorate with our ceramics - you can show us by using #tinekhome at Instagram. 

Deli with running glaze

Our beautiful Deli ceramics are made in Portugal. The unique look comes from the hand dipped production, and especially the glaze makes them playful and one of the kind. 
Deli is perfect to mix with darker ceramics and with cutlery and tools in natural materials such as wood. They bring contrast to the table setting, and can be used both for a casual look, but also when the table needs to be set for celebration.

Deli ceramics are suitable for both dishwasher and microwave.

That was my ceramic story for today,
best from Stine