July 30, 2015

Tablesetting - ready for Sunday cake

They say the weather will get better this weekend, so why not focus on summer cake and summer tables.
All of you who follow us at Instagram, may have seen some of these photos before, but I hope it is alright I show them again. The reason why I want to show them again, is that I think it is important to keep in mind that there is still a long period where you can find beautiful gardenflowers to use in your table setting.

A couple of weeks ago, I made this delicious cheesecake together with my family in celebration of the lovely weather. It was one of these slow days in our holiday where time was spend picking flowers in the garden, and where there was plenty of time to sit around the table and enjoy each others company. 

I mixed the flowers with the wonderful Moonnapkins, which I am very excited about. They come in two colors, and are made in linen gauze. I used the white ones because of the warm summer weather, but I also have a huge crush on the napkins in fig color.


Ceramic vase

The beautiful glazed ceramic vase Glazedome is a classic and wonderful vase which is perfect for a summer bouquet. I love the shape, and the size. It can easily be mixed with glass and other ceramics, and complement the flowers really well. Again there is more colors - in my opinion one for the summer table, one for the graphic home, and one for a classic and romantic home.

You find all three Glazedome vases here.

Plates for the Sunday cake

 To serve the cake I used the Servoval which have this lovely oval shape and which comes in a delicate white design.
Often you will probably use the oval shaped dishes as serving dishes, but they are also quite obvious to use as plates. I think it gives an exclusive feel when using them as plates, instead of the more traditional round plates.

You find Servoval here. 

How do you set the table?

Many of you have already shown your version of table setting with flowers on Instagram, and it has been so inspiring to follow along. I hope you will join the #tinekhome inspiration board at Instagram, and show us how you decorate your table with flowers and tinekhome products.

In this post I gave you an idea on how to make a simple decor and table setting with a small selection of flowers from the garden. But there is also a lot of pretty flowers to find in the forest or by the road. 

I go for a natural look and a table setting that provides a relaxed and pleasant expression - what do you prefer? Have fun setting the table, and keep up inspiring us with your great decor by using #tinekhome.

Best wishes for a lovely day - Stine

July 28, 2015

tinekhome store in Odense

Every week I spend a day at @tinekhomestore in Odense. The day is spent on photographing for our blog and other media. I worked there for a few hours today, and therefore I would like to tell you a bit about the place.

tinekhome store is near the main shopping street, HC Andersen Museum and Children's Museum - The Tinderbox. The street where you will find our store is called Overgade, and it is in my opinion one of the most charming areas of Odense. It is a street in development but already now you will find delicious shops, great coffee bars and traditional Danish restaurants. Are you visiting Odense, you must pass by the street to visit us, but also to visit the various museums, drink good coffee and shop unique interior.

The store is full of design from tinekhome and Pia who is the daily manager, has a great sense for decorating, and creating a homely and cozy environment full of atmosphere
In the back of the store, we have a large room where the timber frame is preserved and where the timber is a big part of the room. The timber is a great detail in the room, and it complements the products really well - in the end of this blog post you can see photos of the room.

Have a look, and remember to stop by if you are in Odense. You can follow the store at instagram - @tinekhomestore

The location of the store:
tinekhome store
Overgade 14 
5000 Odense C 
Phone +45 27 82 85 21

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger
Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger
Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

July 26, 2015

Talented instagrammers decorating with tinekhome

Beautiful homes, beautiful styling and beautiful photos I found through the hashtag #tinekhome. The photos are perfectly styled with flowers and products from tinekhome.  
The images are friendly and cozy with lots of personality - Details that are important in interior design. The instagrammers welcomes us inside their homes, and makes me want to see more

If you wish to join and show your styling with tinekhome products - just use #tinekhome, and maybe your photo will be among the many beauties here at the blog.

All the best from Stine

All stylists have given us permission to show their photos, and under each image's there is a link to their instagram. I recommend that you have a look at their IG and see more beautiful photos. Remember that you can follow our work at tinekhome right here: @tinekhomeoffice

Photo by @lifom_
Photo by @t.susanna
Photo by @jisemada
Photo by @ingaoskjoh
Photo by @melissastakeonlife_blog
Photo by @sweet_living_interior
Photo by @metteelin
Photo by @livingfourseasons
Photo by @joysofhannah

July 23, 2015

Graphic tiles

The graphic tiles from tinekhome are perfect as floor in the bathroom, kitchen, or perhaps by the fireplace. But they can do much more than that. They are also ideal as decorations on the table, on a shelf or as a base for oils, etc. on the bathroom and the kitchen.

The tiles are handmade and the material is cement. They come with different pattern and can easily be mixed to achieve a personalized look in your decor. I could well imagine the tiles be used in table settings, or with a vase on the coffee table.
When using the tiles as decoration objects, we recommend that you use sticky felt pads under each corner.

I know a lot of you are using the tiles when decorating your homes, and I would love to hear how you use the tiles. Please tell me in the comment area below.  If you need inspiration, I have made some photos of the tiles which you see in this blog post. 

Have a lovely sunny day, best from Stine

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Photo by @nordiskeriger

July 21, 2015

Mirror mirror on the wall

Decorate with mirrors and achieve a vivid contrast in your decor. Mirrors are great to create something new in your decor, and they do not always need to be placed where they have a function such as in the bathroom or hallway. Use mirrors along photos on a gallery wall, or create a decorative mural of mirrors.

I would use the very cool MIRRORDECO in oxidized brass as a decorative and vibrant break on the gallery wall. The mirrors will help to make the room bigger and it makes the room more lively when you walk past the mirrors. It's a good way to create something changeable for everyday life.

You find MIRRORDECO here

Mirrors on other surfaces than the wall

Mirrors can easily be used on other surfaces than the wall. Place your still life on mirrors or use mirrors at the table setting as a decorative element, or with a function such as base for glass and vases. A mirror is also very beautiful when it stands alone on a shelf as part of the arrangement on the shelf.

Photo by @nordiskeriger
Photo by @nordiskeriger

Use several mirrors in the room

At our office Tine has decorated with mirrors in the bathroom. Here they obviously have a function, but in addition they suit the room very well. There are several mirrors in different sizes on a small narrow shelf, and they are placed from wall to wall. It is a great way to use mirrors at the bathroom. 

Photo by @nordiskeriger

Are you as crazy about mirrors as me? Do you need more inspiration on how to decorate your home with mirrors, you can see how many of our Instagram followers have decorated with tinekhome products - also mirrors. View all the pictures with the hash tag #tinekhome on Instagram.

Best wishes for a lovely day from Stine (@nordiskeriger

July 19, 2015

Instagrammers shooting design with strokes and lines

Today it is about strokes and lines. Two-colored design and how you can combine graphic expression in your decor. It is all photos I found under the hashtag #tinekhome - and photos with products full of lines and strokes from tinekhome.  
I like the simplicity of using few colors. And not at least, the fine detail which the lines provides to the photos. There are thought about how the different instagrammer were shooting the photos, and it is a great job.

If you wish to join and show your styling with tinekhome products - just use #tinekhome, and maybe your photo will be among the many beauties here at the blog.

All the best from Stine(www.nordiskeriger.dk

All stylists have given us permission to show their photos, and under each image's there is a link to their instagram. I recommend that you have a look at their IG and see more beautiful photos. Remember that you can follow my work at tinekhome right here: @tinekhomeoffice

Photo by @niafried
Photo by @eckmannstudio
Photo by @leverlivet.dk

Photo by @brudala

Photo by @freudentanz_

Photo by @livkrols
Photo by @zauberwelt74
Photo by @by_lija
Photo by @agustajonas

July 16, 2015

Great stores around the world selling tinekhome

I am a strong believer of experience design and interior in the real world. It is convenient and easy to buy products online - and it is not that I do not buy through webshops. But to visit stores where it is possible to hear the story behind the products, feel the quality and make the final purchase is for me still the best way to buy new design. 

Today I want to focus on a few shops who sell tinekhome. 
There are many more shops selling tinekhome than those I mention here. But the five shops I mention in the post have a great way of displaying their products and it's five stores I personally hope to visit at some point.
My absolute favorite store is located in Los Angeles, USA, and I will mention it in the end of the post. First I´ll take you around Europe where we will visit interesting shops in Germany, Finland, and Norway.  

Let's start in Germany.



If you are travelling to Berlin or maybe you live there, I recommend you visit Villa Ruh at Nassauische Stra├če 62 in Berlin. The store has a wide selection of tinekhome products and it is decorated so beautiful. And precisely because of the owner Jennie´s good sense for decorating, she also decorate cottages and other projects besides the store. Please visit Villa Ruh here.


In Frankfurt you find Weststyle Geliebtes Zuhause, who has a large selection of items from tinekhome. Besides our products they have many other nordic brands, and they know how best to composite the different brands, so there is a good flow in their storeVisit their website here


Next country is Finland


Here you find the fantastic shop Lifestyle Nordic, Aittatori 10, 90100 OULU
Lifestyle Nordic displays their range of products in an incredible decorative way. You get a distinct feeling of the store's style and variety on their social media, and I think it's a store that really makes you want to visit Oulu. You find their website here

In Norway you find Bruno Interior 


Bruno Interior offers a wide range of products, mainly in interior and furniture of natural materials that create comfortable and warm atmosphere in a modern home. The style in the store is natural and dimmed design combined with Nordic expression. Perfect combination if you ask me.

Visit their Facebook here

Last but not least - America


And now I will show you the last shop in this blog post, and to which I am extra excited about. In LA the great shop Garde is located at 7418 Beverly Boulevard. They style their shop in an amazing way, and their selection is handpicked and everything fits so well together.   Their website

Which store do you prefer to visit when you´re buying products from tinekhome?

- Stine (www.nordiskeriger.dk)

July 15, 2015

Great RAILHANG for your clothes or other storage

This rail for hanging is just so cool. A coat rack with so many options, and since it is made of iron, it is very stable and will not sway when you hang something up on it. It is perfect both for home decor but also for furnishing shops or other public spaces.  

It is a coat rack in a simple design that in many ways can display clothes, plants, act as storage with hanging baskets and so much more.
Do you have high ceilings, or would you like to extend the possibility of RAILHANG, you can add an additional hanger at the bottom of it.

Photo by www.nordiskeriger.dk
It is very popular to use coat racks in the homedecor, and more often we see the use of coat racks in other rooms than just the hallway. They can ex. be very practical in the office where one seeks a decorative storage with baskets or similar.
Hang storage on your Railhang and create a light but simultaneously practical furniture in the office.

Photo by www.nordiskeriger.dk

You find RAILHANG here

How do you use coat racks in your home? Please feel free to let me hear your ideas in the comment section below or show them on instagram with the hash tag #tinekhome.

Have a great day, Bests from Stine (www.nordiskeriger.dk)