June 27, 2015

Readers who furnish their home graphic with products from tinekhome

In this post I have collected a few pictures from personal homes, caught for Instagram. All the pictures I show in the post have a graphic expression with products from tinekhome, and are images which I think is decorative and creative.
All stylists behind the images had the graphic lines in their considerations when decorating and photographing, and I think they made a great result!

Have a look,

All the best from Stine(www.nordiskeriger.dk)

All stylists have given us permission to show their photos here at our blog, and under each image's there is a link to their instagram. I recommend that you have a look at their IG and see more beautiful photos. Remember that you can follow my work at tinekhome right here: @tinekhomeoffice


Have a look at these great details and pretty homes.

Photo by @gha2511

Photo by @kirsimariek

Photo by @johannanesdal

Photo by @elisabethsidyll

Photo by @essisinstant

Photo by @sisustusunelmia

Photo by @ullas_zimmer

Photo by @anamariahgn

Photo by @mylittlesilverlinings
With the lovely photo by @mylittlesilverlinings, I will end this inspiration post, and have a cup of coffee. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

All the best from Stine (www.nordiskeriger.dk)

June 25, 2015

Graphic decor and accessories

I'm a big fan of lines and graphic details in home decor. I think it brings something interesting and compelling to a room, and the graphic expression can be added to the home in many ways - it does not have to be an element that takes a lot of focus in the decor.

Photo by Stine Albertsen - www.nordiskeriger.dk
Mix graphic design with natural materials and let the graphic products be in black/white or subdued colors like the rose color I have used in the pictures above.

Use napkins or prints with graphic design together with a small twig or flower at the table setting, put it all on top of a placemat made of rushes. The natural material and contrastive lines stands perfectly together. It's cozy and sweet to put a little note at the guest's plate. This makes the table setting more personal. Lay a little card at the napkin and on top of it all you end your greeting with a small flower.

Both the placemat and the prints can also easily be used as still life in the home. A placemat is, like a tray, really good for defining one's setting of beautiful things. Instead of a tray's hard edges, a placemat in rushes will add a more casual look to your graphic decor which is already full of lines and edges.
My clear favorite is the placemat in rose color - You can find it here - Scissor here - Pen here - Decoframes here.

Photo by Stine Albertsen - www.nordiskeriger.dk
Make a gallery wall with simple glass frames, graphic prints and pressed flowers or leaves. Keep it simple with the glass frames' lightness and simplicity of the prints. Are you as happy as me for green colors and botanical living in the home decor, you can let the graphic expression continue in the sofa with the amazing pillowcase Decoharle in mint and white color.
I love that pillowcase which you find here - The Bamladder here - Decoframes here - Decocard here.

Photo by Stine Albertsen - www.nordiskeriger.dk
Have you decorated your home with designs from tinekhome - perhaps either with the beautiful rose colored placemat or green pillowcase? No matter what, you are welcome to show your decor with the hashtag #tinekhome - during the summer I choose my favorite images that show a personalized decor with products from tinekhome. Join us and use the hashtag #tinekhome - Maybe your photo will be displayed at the blog.

All the best from Stine - www.nordiskeriger.dk

June 24, 2015


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June 21, 2015

Bringing the summer feeling into the home

Although it has been a bit warmer in Denmark today, the summer is having a slow start, and I am personally longing for warm weather, sun, swimming in the ocean and late evenings in the garden. I love spending time in my garden – moving everyday life outside and enjoying the long days being with family, collecting berries, flowers and vegetables in my own garden. And to top it all, the perfect way to enjoy the homeground food, is to prepare it outside.

For outdoor time, baskets, rattan and glass products are perfect – especially when they are in a quality which makes them essential for outdoor livingI have collected a small selection of products I think is appropriate to create a summer feeling. And with this blog post will try to give myself and you a sense of summer (if you like me are sitting somewhere where the summer is not quite arrived) In that way, we create our own summer mood.

The very cool Baskettwin is perfect for collecting and bringing nature indoor. And the other way around, it is also a fun way to bring toys, blankets and lunch outside. I am definitely a big fan of this great basket. You find Baskettwin here.
At once I saw Baskettable, I fell in love. The basket is made of rushes, and with it’s lightness it reminds me of simpel living and warm days. I like the size and that it comes with two handles. When not using it in the summer garden, it’s a good way to keep track of magazines or your knitting yarn. You find Baskettable here.

Flowers in glass vases
Summer is for me all about flowers and green plants. Exploring the nature, seeing the colors, smelling the flowers and collecting flowers for the summertable. It is getting more and more popular to use glass vases, and a lot of them. Make your own stilllife at the dinnertable, or around the house. It is also very beautiful to place glass vases together with ceramics. It makes a great contrast to your stilllife. You find glass vases and ceramic vases here.

This is a broom which reminds me of travelling in Asia, and therefore a musthave when it comes to creating summer feeling. Everywhere I stayed in Asia, this broom was a tool that often was in use, and so functional it is. Not only that, but when not in use, it is also a decorative object. The broom is made of straw, and is soft and gentle on the floor, yet it is great for sweeping up all the dust. It is definitely on my wishlist. You find Vietbroom here. 
Dressed for the beach
After running around and sweeping the floor or the terrace, a great way to end the daily chores, is to go for a swim at the beach. I have a thing for straw hats. It is so nice when you can feel the summer air through the straws. Wear the hat with a light dress – both of them are an obvious choice for a day at the beach. Pack it together with a healthy lunch box in the practical beachbagzig ( which I also use when I go to the grocery store – It is good for the environment) 
and then I wish you a great day at the beach.  

 You find the dress hereBashat hereand Beachbagzig here 

Tine k Home - Nordiske Riger
Last photo by
Stine Albertsen - www.nordiskeriger.dk

I am already feeling the summer more than before I started this blog post. If you are not quite there you can find many more summer products at www.tinekhome.com.

Have a great evening, bests from Stine

June 19, 2015

Presentation of our summer guestblogger

We are happy to announce that we during the summer will work close together with the Danish blogger and photographer Stine Albertsen. She will spend time at Tine K Home, writing inspiring blog posts for our blog, and share her favorite products from Tine K Home. With her blog posts she will give you ideas on decorating and furnishing homes, and with a background as photographer we are pretty sure she will go nuts in our showroom making beautiful photos for our instagram and blog.
To mark that Stine is our guestblogger in the summer period, we asked her to present herself, and tell you a bit about who she is.

Meet our summer guestblogger 

Hi everyone, my name is Stine, and I am here to share inspiration with you for the next couple of months.
On a daily basis I manage the Danish interior and design blog www.nordiskeriger.dk and works as a freelance photographer for several companies.

Nordiske Riger is a place for me to focus on design which I think suits the Nordic decor trends and which moves me. And precisely for these reasons, it is natural for me to spend the next couple of months working at Tine K Home.

My work arises from a gut feeling, and I write about design that evokes something in me and which I believe is perfect for bringing the nordic feeling into the home. With these two details in mind, I will spend a lot of time inspiring you and sharing wonderful products with you.

I am very happy for the opportunity to be guestblogger at Tine K Home, and I am looking forward to providing blog posts and photographs to all of you. I hope you will enjoy my work.

Warm Regards, Stine www.nordiskeriger.dk

June 11, 2015

Summer in her living room...

Our ecru-colored throw and grey cushion nicely represented in the living room of Elisabeth Heier.

Have a nice day!

June 5, 2015

Bathroom musthaves

Many thanks to stylist Pernille Grønkjær Taatø for these great bathroom images.

Click on below images to shop online:

NEW bath mat in stock now:

June 2, 2015

Tine K Home Store

Tine K Home Store is located in the old quarter of Odense in Overgade 14 
- close to the farmer’s market and the house of famous writer H.C. Andersen.

The premises in Odense show the complete collection and style for private customers
- and retailers, as the store also serves as showroom.