July 21, 2011

Strawberry Summer

We LOVE Denmark in the summer and especially its strawberries - they are tasteful and beautiful at the same time.

Before her holiday, Susie at the office made the most wonderful cake with lots of strawberries on the top...

We are still dreaming of it :)

A little strawberry mountain :)

Ann-Christin (left) from the Norwegian shop AC Home visited us the same day.
A wonderful summer's day with cake and great company - what more do we need?


  1. A beautiful summer day in Denmark with nice people and a great cake like this sounds perfect to me! Nothing else needed...

  2. oh, yummy...I´m hungry now ;o)
    I wish we would have a beautiful summer here in Germany....nothing but clouds, raining and cold...brrrr...
    Have a great start in the weekend.

  3. I'm drooling on my keyboard those berries look so scrumptious and the color is spectacular!!! I really do enjoy everything Tine K has to offer, keep up the splendid work..... I have just subscribed!


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