July 31, 2012

Sneak peek for AW 2012

Last month, we had the pleasure meeting retailers in our new showroom in Odense. The walls were painted and decorated in the new Autumn colors almond and plum, and the atmosphere was cozy as always.

Many thanks to all retailers + families who visited us.

Next weekend from August 10-12, we are once again inviting retailers and the Press to a freshly decorated showroom in Odense.

Contact us via phone +45 45 66 01 02 or
via email if you would like to book an appointment.

The new AW 2012 Collection will be launched mid August,  
Here's a little sneak peek for those of you who can't wait...


  1. Lekkert, lekkert, lekkert !!!
    Jeg er en stor fan av dere og bare elesker produktene deres :))
    Har ett innlegg om TineK på bloggen min om dere vil se :)



  2. I am a fan, no doubt about that!!!!!
    I would love to get my hands on the hand cream :) as well as warm glow of the lanterns.

  3. wow, a lot of beautiful things... :)

  4. Jag kan bara instämma, så mycket fina, härliga, varma produkter, jag skulle vilja ha dem alla! Jag lånade några bilder AW 2012 till min blogg hoppas ok. Hils Caroline


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