August 14, 2012

Showroom in Sweden

Last week, we were also meeting Swedish retailers - in our showroom in Magasin 36, Höganäs; an amazing, inspiring and very creative place. Here you get the most delicious food, get lots of ideas - and you can shop for hours.

Swedish blogger Anna-Malin visited Magasin 36 last week, and found her favorites among the new AW2012 items from the Tine K Home Collection.

Here are her lovely pictures.
See more on her Helt Enkelt blog.


  1. love all !!!! so nice !!!

  2. Just love the pictures. Anna-malin takes fabulous pictures.
    And I love your products//Kicki

  3. Anna-Malin er rå på styling og bilder....Love Tine K;)


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