September 7, 2012

Tine's home anno 2012 - Part II

Have a seat, 
make yourself a nice cup of tea, 

and enjoy this 'guided tour part II' through the home of Tine K

(click on below links to see more info 
on available items in the online store)

The pictures from part I are available here

★   ★   

With a desk in the living room, it's easier to work and be with the family at the same time. The grey lamp is still in stock - click here for more info.  The shade was a sample, but is available with shells in mother-of-pearl.

A large striped quilt covers the double bed in the guest room. Some of the quilts are still in stock - click here to get more info.

Decorative ribbons in an old silver tray. The new AW 2012 Collection contains different kinds of ribbons - click here for more info.

Towels, soap, scented candle etc. from own designs meet guests in the small bathroom. For accessories for your own bathroom - be inspired here.

During the summer, Tine enjoys having her desk in the old sunroom. From here, she can work while she watches the children play in the large garden.

★   ★   

If you would like to post/publish these pictures, 
please ask Jenny from BlackBalloon for permission.


  1. Lovely! Herleg inspirasjon i kvart bilde,


  2. Tine has really a beautiful home, inspiring me a lot! Thank you for showing it! Have a great weekend, Barbara from Switzerland

  3. Tusen takk for herlig inspirasjon!
    Ha en riktig fin høsthelg.

  4. otroligt fint! Tack för härliga bilder!!


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