September 21, 2012

Wall of batik paper

These pictures are from our head office in Odense. We've decorated the wall last week; different batik paper patterns all over the wall. It reminds us of Paris and the office now has a totally new look.

The batik paper is available in many shops. 
Find your nearest retailer on our website (Store Locator).
It's also sold in our online store.

A great idea if you want to decorate a wall - and don't have time for painting.


  1. I'll remember these for future shoots-gorgeous!

  2. Det är så snyggt!
    Trevlig helg!
    Kram Jenny

  3. Så artige tappet ruller:)
    Kjempe fint med en vegg med noe annet på:)
    Ha en herlig helg

    Klem Merete

  4. Snyggt gillar lampskärmarna./Anna


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