July 30, 2013

Lovely brunch with our sweet agents

At the Tine K Home fair we invited our agents to Tine's home where the fair also took place.

The sales meeting started out with a lovely brunch that Tine had made for us:
Yogurt with raspberries and sirup
Mozaralla chese and tomatos
Green asparagus covered in salmon and smoked fresh cheese
Baltic shrimps on danish potatoes with dill

Sales meeting from the fair went very good and we had a great time with our agents.
From left:
Annemo from Italy
Tine herself
Anita - Sales & Brand manager
Kirsten - From south Germany / Luxembourg
Marco  from Italy (Annemo's husband)
Sanna from Finland
Ilse from the Netherlands
Sanne - Sales
Guido from the Netherlands (Ilse's husband)
Anneke from north Germany

Missing agents:
Sanne  from Sweden
Janni  from UK
Arlette from Canada


  1. So I will be an agent for you - just to get this beautiful breakfast and some time with you ;)

  2. nice, and when will you have an agent in Switzerland, where we can find everything from TineKhome? I would love to shop there! Hug Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara,

      You can shop some of our items in GLOBUS or on our webshop www.tinekhome.com.
      Have a good day :-)

  3. Dette så kjempe godt ut:)
    Klem Merete

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    1. Thank you Martin, Tre Engler & Miss Tammy for your kind words.
      Have a great day :-)


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