September 19, 2014

Visiting House Label at home

We would like to share a very personal Korean home with you.
The home is owned, styled and lived in by House Label owner yong-a Park.

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Enjoy the images and this sweet message from yong-a Park:

I think a home is like a mirror of its owner. 
Home wears clothes of bright atmosphere in an agreeable day, 
and relaxed clothes in a depressed day like people wear clothes. 
Home transfers the preference and mind of people as it is.

I wanted to find my own style rather than following trends.  

Matching various materials with various colors is in harmony with each different impression 
and makes the expression of the home more rich and fashionable.

Things I like:
travelling, cooking, flowers, sweet herbs, scented candles…

I love what makes my family happy. 

1 comment:

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