October 1, 2014

What you like the most about autumn

Last week, we launched our Autumn Contest on Facebook asking our followers:

What do you like the most about autumn?

Today, we've found the winner of our Autumn Give Away: Congratulations to Marianne Lykke Nielsen - who will receive two woolen cushions and 4 tea lights.

To celebrate autumn, we have collected our favorite quotes from the contest together with some of our best autumn images through the years. 

Happy Autumn!

Watching the leaves changing colors

Being outside

Crispy air

Nature’s shades and colors

Warm, long pullovers


Saying goodbye to the warm summer and welcoming the long nice winters. Autumn says it all!

Apple cider

Cozy moments

Lots of lighted candles


Collecting chestnuts and acorn

Reading books

Enjoying a big mug of hot chocolate in front of the fire

I love to watch my daughter jumping right into a massive puddle with her rain jacket an rubber boots on. What a mess but sooo cute!

Long fresh walks in the woods


Rich colours outside and candylight inside

Rain on my windows

What I like most about autumn: the way the air changes and gets crisp, watching leaves fall in the cool breeze, the warm smell of pumpkin bread cooking, lighting candles because it's dark earlier, wearing boots + sweaters, the sound of leaves crunching under my feet, apple picking, hot apple cider + fresh donuts, and pumpkins on doorsteps. Sorry, I love autumn and I can't pick just one.

The smell after rain

That Christmas is around the corner!

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