June 25, 2015

Graphic decor and accessories

I'm a big fan of lines and graphic details in home decor. I think it brings something interesting and compelling to a room, and the graphic expression can be added to the home in many ways - it does not have to be an element that takes a lot of focus in the decor.

Photo by Stine Albertsen - www.nordiskeriger.dk
Mix graphic design with natural materials and let the graphic products be in black/white or subdued colors like the rose color I have used in the pictures above.

Use napkins or prints with graphic design together with a small twig or flower at the table setting, put it all on top of a placemat made of rushes. The natural material and contrastive lines stands perfectly together. It's cozy and sweet to put a little note at the guest's plate. This makes the table setting more personal. Lay a little card at the napkin and on top of it all you end your greeting with a small flower.

Both the placemat and the prints can also easily be used as still life in the home. A placemat is, like a tray, really good for defining one's setting of beautiful things. Instead of a tray's hard edges, a placemat in rushes will add a more casual look to your graphic decor which is already full of lines and edges.
My clear favorite is the placemat in rose color - You can find it here - Scissor here - Pen here - Decoframes here.

Photo by Stine Albertsen - www.nordiskeriger.dk
Make a gallery wall with simple glass frames, graphic prints and pressed flowers or leaves. Keep it simple with the glass frames' lightness and simplicity of the prints. Are you as happy as me for green colors and botanical living in the home decor, you can let the graphic expression continue in the sofa with the amazing pillowcase Decoharle in mint and white color.
I love that pillowcase which you find here - The Bamladder here - Decoframes here - Decocard here.

Photo by Stine Albertsen - www.nordiskeriger.dk
Have you decorated your home with designs from tinekhome - perhaps either with the beautiful rose colored placemat or green pillowcase? No matter what, you are welcome to show your decor with the hashtag #tinekhome - during the summer I choose my favorite images that show a personalized decor with products from tinekhome. Join us and use the hashtag #tinekhome - Maybe your photo will be displayed at the blog.

All the best from Stine - www.nordiskeriger.dk

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