February 21, 2012

Spring Fair in Denmark

Wow, it's been a fantastic beginning of 2012 for Tine K Home.

After a busy month with fairs in Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, we are now filled with sweet memories, lovely reunions, lots of ideas, inspiration and new retailers in different countries.

We would like to share these great memories and moments with you all.
Below are pictures from our Private Room Fair in Denmark.


It was certainly winter outside, but inside we created a springlike atmosphere

Snowy rosemary in our white, glazed pots

Lots of candles

Agent meeting before the great fair opening

The new catalogue is presented

Luxuriant spring flowers and plants
The new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection is presented, and the agents are taking notes

A new collection of lovely towels in different sizes and colors

The new crystal color - welcome spring

The new, white SERV-collection - already in stock

Bestseller: the cool baskets with star or peace sign

Many thanks to Krista Keltanen from Finland for visiting us

Our BASOPEN basket - now as a lamp in our showroom
Always wonderful to meet retailers and have time to talk and inspire each other

The black/white striped pendants - in stock in our web shop

Many thanks to Jonna Kivilahti who took the long way from Finland to come visit us

The new leather bag - the name says it all: 'TO CARRY'
Delicious sushi or homemade tomato soup for all our guests

A creative atmosphere for interior freaks from all over the world

New pens and bamboo pen holders - in stock now


  1. Oh, that looks all fantastic and seems to be very inspiring!!! I wish I were there with you and all this other interior- freaks!!!

  2. Ahhhh, heldige dere som jobber med verdens flotteste merke:)
    Masse fine bilder av fine ting ♥


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