February 21, 2012

Spring Fair in Sweden

Our fair in Sweden was held in Magasin 36 in Höganäs; an old ceramic factory - also the place where we had the photo shoot for our Spring/Summer 2012 pictures of the new collection.

The atmosphere at Magasin 36 is amazing; so much life, creativity and coziness in the same place. Our new collection was presented in the old apartment - right next to the lovely Butiken and the nice café.

Great atmosphere, great people, great food, great music - and a great interest in the new collection.

Many thanks to all retailers, press members and bloggers who took the time to come visit us in Odense, Höganäs and Frankfurt.

Below are more sweet memories and moments from the past month in Tine K Home.

The light in Magasin 36 is fantastic

Tine presenting the new items, while Lars is serving hot coffee for all of us

BASOPEN - in stock now
Take all the pictures you'll like...

New Spring/Summer 2012 Catalogue in tea color

The old apartment in Magasin 36

An amazing atmosphere...

Lots of sweet bloggers visited us in Höganäs; Jenny and Anna-Malin
New flower-printed lampshade - click here to reserve it

Spring flowers in lovely colors

Lots of interior talks - here's Niki speaking with Anita from Tine K Home

Glazed ceramic pots - some are in stock

Great fun
Spring is here

Many thanks to all our visitors in Denmark, Sweden and Germany

The lovely shop 'Butiken' in the old ceramic factory building in Höganäs, Sweden


  1. Beautiful and inspirering photo's, wish I had been there :-)

  2. and many thanks to you too :)

  3. Vackra vackra bilder!! :)

    Kramar Linda

  4. Thank you for a wonderful event! :)

  5. Hello tine & Jacob
    It is looking beautifukl and what fun to see some of my favorite bloggers there ;)
    Thank you for the beautiful cataloque again and a happyu spring to you, hope it will be here soon
    x desiree

  6. The pictures and collection is so wonderful...

  7. Jätte fina bilder & Tack för fina ord om Butiken! :)

    Stor kram från tjejerna i Butiken, Jessica & Bianca

  8. Thank YOU so much! It was amazing to see it all and also a treat to meet you guys!

  9. The day looked great as do all the items, such a shame i couldn't make it, I missed out on the goodie bag. :-(.
    I'm off to a new store opening tonight who I think would suit your products very well, here is there Facebook page,.
    would love to have your products sold locally. Jersey Channel Islands.


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