February 20, 2015

My Favorites :: Anita Schytte

We've asked the team behind tinekhome to tell us about their favorites from our collection.
We will bring their favorites here on the blog with shop link on each item.

Next in line is our International Sales & Brand Manager, Anita Schytte:

"My absolute favorite item from our collection is the XL sofa. I have it at home and think it's the most beautiful sofa ever. 
Furthermore, it's very comfortable and easy to clean as you can remove the cover. 
This way, it's also easy to change the look if you are in the mood for new colors during the year.
I change my covers often just like changing the wardrobe once in a while.

My next favorite is the silver tray for the wall. 
It brings a little shine into the room, and is truly an outstanding wall decoration.

I also love the glazed pots in the fungi color, as this color suits all plants.

And then of course the Delioval and Servrect ceramic trays which make it so easy to 
arrange a nice lunch or salad in the most beautiful and appetizing way.
I love to make salads flat down on a wide plate to see all the beautiful ingredients from above.
I use these trays all the time."

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