February 13, 2015

My Favorites :: Anneke Pähler

We've asked the team behind tinekhome to tell us about their favorites from our collection.
We will bring their favorites here on the blog with shop link on each item.

First in line is our German agent, Anneke Pähler:

"It's difficult for me to find only a few favorites from the collection, 
but an item I just need to mention is the striped quilt
- always classic and very useful.

I also love all the hand lotion and soap items with the scent named 'Pure'.

The basket with heart sign is very popular in Germany, and I sure understand why.
Actually, this specific basket was especially made for Tine & Jacob's wedding some years ago. 
The basket was sent to each guest together with the wedding invitation, 
and has stayed in the collection ever since - as a sweet memory.

The high latte glass and the DELI ceramics; I use these every day.
Neat and functional at the same time."



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