August 4, 2015

Cool lamps for the wall and table

Light is of course important in the home, for otherwise everyday life will be difficult in the dark hours. But lights and lamps is more than just a function. It is also a way to create a focal point in the home, and especially to create a cozy and personal style. In this post I will tell you a bit about the nice table lamps and wall lamps from tinekhome.

Wall lamps


The elegant wall lamps from tinekhome is very delicate in the bedroom - but it is in my opinion not the only place I could imagine lamps in a simple design. I could easily imagine that they be hung over a long kitchen table or other worktable - That would also be very decorative. Especially when there are several lamps at the same area, it could create something really cool and dramatic on the wall. As shown in the picture to the right, they work well side by side.

Table lamp

The table lamps have a height of 62 cm, and just as the wall lamp, it comes in two colors and materiale. One is in stainless steel and black color, and the one in the photo above is made of solid brass. 

The simple design blends well with most other designs, and can be used in all kinds of decor. With the addition of an incandescent bulb with a warm light, you not only have a practical lamp, but also a lamp that in itself is a decorative element in the home. The long neck makes it ideal for use on a workbench where there are a lot of other things, but with its height, it is also beautiful in the minimalist and Scandinavian decor as a unique still life.

Which version of the lamp do you prefer?  Do you have a favorite between them? I am a bit in love with the idea of multiple lamps on the same wall.

You find wall lamps at this link

And table lamps at this link.

Best regards from Stine

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