August 10, 2015

My favorite products

Now it's time for my last post here at the blog, and I would therefore share some products with you, that I have been totally in love with since the first day I saw them. This applies in particular to the big rattan baskets that are perfect for plants and therefore also for the Nordic decor.


Rattanbasket is made by plaited rattan and they are in this lovely natural look. You can use them outside, but in my opinion they are also very lovely for indoor use. 
I love to have large trees indoor, and these basket are perfect as a base for the trees. The natural material makes the botanical living emphasized and not least more accomplished. They will also be very decorative on a terrace or in a orangery.

Rattan is a popular material in decor, and that is for a good reason. It is a durable material that fits together with many other materials, it is lightweight and as earlier mentioned it is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. This makes of course a product more exciting when it can be used in various environments.
Are the large rattan baskets too big for you and your home, you´ll maybe like the very decorative rattanpot which also can be used for plants, but certainly also will be beautiful for storing kitchen accessories and office items.
You find Rattanbasket here and Rattanpot here


The woodcabinet is made by hand and from plantation harvested rubber wood. I am very inspired by the opportunity to exhibit ones favorite things, and not least to create still life in the beautiful cabinet.
The woodcabinet is perfect for kitchen and bathroom, but I would place it next to my large dinner table where I spend a lot of time working and relaxing. It is a perfect cabinet for a space where you spend a lot of time, and where you need things near and easy to get a hold of.

You find woodcabinet in two colors here. 

New Art and Moroccan vases


These vases are so wonderful - both as a collection of vases and as a single vase. I am very infatuated with the hand-drawn pattern on New art vases and the shapes of the Moroccan vases - they are so organic and beautiful.

You find New art and the moroccan vases here

Glass vases

As earlier mentioned here at the blog, I am very happy with glass vases and glass products. Especailly when you mix a lot together or use them with products in other material - This could especially be ceramics. The shapes and sizes of the glass vases makes them great to mix and makes a wonderful table full of flowers. Remember it is alright to see the soil, and plant roots - it does not always have to be flower bouquet you use in glass vases, you can also plant in glass vases to create a natural look.

You find glass vases here together with our other glass products.

New velvets


Soft pillows and beautiful rich deep colors are essential in the fall and winter time. And the new velvet cushion covers are just the right choice if you fell the same as me. The softness are amazing and just look at the colors. Mix and match and create a soft and lovely reading corner.

You find all velvet products here.

I have enjoyed spending time at tinekhome, and I have enjoyed being in contact with so many of you readers and Instagram followers. I hope I have given you inspiration and that you have got an insight in this lovely company and its amazing products. 

Now I want to say thank you so much for spending time with me here at the blog and on instagram. Next step for me is to go on maternity leave so I can be ready for baby brother to arrive. Thank you for a lovely summer.
Best summer greetings from Stine


  1. All the best to you Stine! It has been nice to follow your posts here on Tine's blog. :)

    1. Thank you so much Melissa - I am so happy that you liked my posts :)

  2. Takk for herlig inspo!
    Og lykke til med fødsel og babylife :))

    1. Tusind tak :) Hvor er det sødt af dig :)

  3. Romantic atmosphere, amazing decor. I love second photo :)


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