July 9, 2015

I will never fall out of love with ceramics

I'm a bit of a collector when it comes to pottery and glass. I cant get enough of it and I love to use ceramics in all imaginable ways at home. I use ceramic cups and jars to keep track of toothbrush, pencils and other small things. I like to mix new pottery with old flea market finds and family heirlooms. Pottery can also easily be decorative on a table without having to be filled with anything - Sometimes pottery is just beautiful to look at as it is.

At tinekhome you find some really great ceramics - both vases, jars and everything for the table setting. The very nice detail about ceramics from tinekhome is that is works so well with many other designs and ceramics. This may be due to the dimmed colors, but also because it is made in a timeless design there surely will last for a long time.


Allow your pottery to be seen

I love to be able to constantly enjoy the different shapes and shades of my ceramics at home. Therefore I have most of my pottery out on the table, shelves or the floor (depends on how big it is) even when it is not in use. A glass cabinet is also a good opportunity to exhibit your still life of ceramics.

Ceramic and glass vases here.

Create a still life with ceramic vases

You never go wrong by mixing ceramics with glass. Use all kinds of glass - drinking glasses can just as easy be a delicate vase - they create a height difference in your decoration. A couple of days ago I wrote about glass - You find the blog post here.

The tall vase
Medium sized Morrocan vase
Small glazed ceramic vase
Facet glass in rose color

A summertable with white ceramic

The beautiful white collection of pottery SERVPLATE is in my opinion essential for the summer table, and actually it's perfect for table setting all year round. When the weather is a little colder and darker, the ceramic will be perfect to mix with darker ceramics - or perhaps darker drinking glasses. Use the ceramics on a dark tablecloth to create dynamics and contrast. 

If you go for a light and warm summer feeling put the ceramics together with the ease of Decotable, and then summer is back on the table.

Photo by www.nordiskeriger.dk

Photo by www.nordiskeriger.dk
The white ceramics you find here - tablecloth here - candle glasses here - small basket here - teaspoon here - large glass vase

Hope you enjoyed my post about ceramics - it´s for sure not the last time I photograph the beautiful pottery from tinekhome. The possibility of decorating with the ceramic is great, and I want to show you as many options as possible.

Best summer greetings from Stine (www.nordiskeriger.dk)

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