July 2, 2015

Our showroom decorated with MOON collection by tinekhome

With a showroom full of delicious news from the MOON collection, I think it is obvious to show you around in the showroom, and show you some of the beautiful designs which Tine has decorated with. 
I am very impressed by the new products in the MOON collection and I have in very short time got a lot of products on my wish list.

As Tine so gracefully writes in the introduction to the MOON catalogue: "I enjoy autumn and winter with dark deep colors, contrasts and calmness."
The feeling that the sentence provides continuous in the products, which are all designed in colors that create a tranquility and contemplation. There is something very cozy and quiet about our showroom right now, and I can easily imagine have to enjoy the colors of autumn, and winter silence in a pile of beautiful pillows, or by the fireplace with the amazing MOONSCARF-FIG around me, and elegant ceramics on the table. 

The combination of tinekhome products is a great detail when it comes to the new collection, and actually also the older collections - there is central theme through all the products and simultaneously each product can easily stand alone or with other design brands. It is in my opinion a detail that is important to remember both when designing products, but also when we as customers buy the products. 

Some products which for me stands out

I have a huge crush on the MOONSCARF-FIG - the softness of the wool and the way it shows the shades of the colors. It is made of 100% wool and the softness is completely wonderful. Use it as a big scarf or wear it over your shoulders when winter days are cold.


Ceramics you can not get enough of, if you ask me. The Art pottery from tinekhome is very decorative, and I'm particularly excited about the delicate vase with soft shapes - the slightly chubby one at the left side of the picture. The lines in the the pattern are beautiful.

The colors of the cushions are really nice, and especially the pillows in velvet has made an impression on me. Velvet adds something deep and elegant to the home, and it is more and more on the way back in the decor.

Storage and great design

The beautiful cabinet with glass doors is such a great furniture. The size of it and the fact that the shelves are removeable makes it functional and pretty. The cabinet is perfect for bathroom or entrance, but I would actually use it in the living room. The hard metallic outer of the cabinet is decorative with my collcetion of ceramics and glass. Put it together with books and some plants, and you have a great still life in your living room.

Sleeping time

The last detail in the showroom I will mention in this blog post, is the lovely SOFTPILLOW and SOFTQUILT which comes in 3 colors. The big pillow is just inviting for relaxing time and bookreading. The perfect ending on a working day, and the perfect ending on this blog post.   

Best summer greetings from Stine (www.nordiskeriger.dk)

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