July 15, 2015

Great RAILHANG for your clothes or other storage

This rail for hanging is just so cool. A coat rack with so many options, and since it is made of iron, it is very stable and will not sway when you hang something up on it. It is perfect both for home decor but also for furnishing shops or other public spaces.  

It is a coat rack in a simple design that in many ways can display clothes, plants, act as storage with hanging baskets and so much more.
Do you have high ceilings, or would you like to extend the possibility of RAILHANG, you can add an additional hanger at the bottom of it.

Photo by www.nordiskeriger.dk
It is very popular to use coat racks in the homedecor, and more often we see the use of coat racks in other rooms than just the hallway. They can ex. be very practical in the office where one seeks a decorative storage with baskets or similar.
Hang storage on your Railhang and create a light but simultaneously practical furniture in the office.

Photo by www.nordiskeriger.dk

You find RAILHANG here

How do you use coat racks in your home? Please feel free to let me hear your ideas in the comment section below or show them on instagram with the hash tag #tinekhome.

Have a great day, Bests from Stine (www.nordiskeriger.dk)

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